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Before you sign


Lease application

Application forms are legally binding documents in Quebec

Once an individual indicates interest in renting an apartment they have visited, the landlord will want the prospective tenant to fill out an application form. If the landlord accepts the application form, usually after running a credit check, the prospective tenant becomes legally responsible for the apartment.

It is therefore important to:

  • Be sure before filling out an application form. Do not fill out an application form if you have any doubts. Take a few hours to think about the apartment, and ask for a second visit if need be.
  • Fill only one application form at a time.
  • Get in touch with the first landlord if you find another apartment that you like better. Let him know your intentions and if he accepts, go meet with him and get it in writing that he is releasing you from the application form you submitted.

Landlords can draft their own application form, so make sure everything on the form makes sense and all agreements about renovating the apartment are in writing.

You should familarize yourself with what information landlords are allowed to ask you to provide on the application form by consulting the document entitled "Leases and the protection of personal information principles and guidelines," which can be found on the Commission d'accès à l'information du Quebec website.

Credit history

Persons such as students or newcomers to Quebec usually do not have any credit history.

In this case, the landlord will determine the documents or means that will allow him to evaluate the future tenant’s ability to pay, while complying with the various legislation in force.

Signing a lease with roommates

It is strongly recommended that potential roommates sign a “Roommate agreement”. Roommates should meet to discuss their opinions and set ground rules before signing a lease. Click here for tips on how to find compatible roommates, and be sure to take a look at our sample agreement.

Lease Forms

Lease forms are available at local depanneurs, post offices or at Publications du Quebec.

The following is a sample lease:

Quebec Lease [.pdf]

It is important to make sure that the items below are included in the lease before signing:

  • Name and address of the landlord.
  • Name of the tenant. If you are signing with a friend(s), make sure that your roommates names are on the lease as well.
  • Address of the dwelling you are renting.
  • The appliances, if any, that come with the apartment (Fridge/Stove/Dishwasher/Washer/Dryer etc).
  • The length of the lease (e.g. 12 months) and the start and end date of the lease.
  • Rental amount and payment method.
  • If your landlord promised some repairs during your visit make sure he puts in writing exactly what work he will do before you move in or during the course of your lease.
  • Which utilities (heat, hot water, electricity, gas) are included in your rent.
  • The amount of notice within which the landlord and tenant are obliged to notify each other of a renewal or non-renewal of the lease.
  • Additional items such as whether you can have pets in apartment, have your own washer and dryer in apartment, store your bicycle on the balcony, have a B.B.Q on the balcony, etc.

Once you are satisfied that all necessary information is included in the lease, make sure that all tenants sign, including any roomates you will be sharing the apartment with.



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