Residence Life Facilitators

Residence Life Facilitators fill a crucial role in the residence system. These upper-year student leaders know the ins and outs of the residence community, acting as important resources and holders of institutional memory while they bring enriching programs to new students throughout the year. 

At the end of August and the beginning of September, Residence Life Facilitators work hard to organize residence-wide welcome events that help first year students adjust to their surroundings in a fun and interactive way. Once the dust has settled on orientation week, the Residence Lifers' continue to host residence-wide events throughout the year in correspondence with their individual protfolios.  These include: Residence

 Residence Wars events, the Faculty-in-Residence speaker series, French conversation groups, community engagement activities, Inter-Residence Council and Environmental Residence Council mentorship, and an energy-saving competition called Fight the Power.

Meet your 2018/2019 Residence Lifers!

Samad - IRC Advisor

My name is Samad, and I am one of the Inter-Residence Council Advisors this year. Along with my co-advisor Lily, we coordinate Hall Council elections and sit on the Inter-Residence Council (IRC).  On the IRC, both Lily and I are responsible for providing support for IRC members, as well as, create a suitable environment to facilitate the organization of accessible, inclusive and exciting events for all students living in residence.


Lily - IRC Advisor

My name is Lily and I am one of the Inter-Residence Advisors this year! Working together with Samad, I coordinate the Hall Council and Inter-Residence elections in the beginning of the year as well as the council orientation for all council members. Throughout the year, I co-advise in all IRC meetings and support the council in organizing engaging, accessible and inclusive events to ensure a fun and exciting year for all students living in residence! 

Nikhita - Residence Wars

My name is Nikhita and I am this year’s Residence Warz coordinator. I believe that living in Residence is a wonderful way to meet new people in your first year. Residence Warz is a series of inter-Residence events that encourage students to come together and participate. It’s a great opportunity to bond with fellow residents and get to know people beyond your own residence with different experiences! These events range from team sports to Iron Chef, and as Residence Warz coordinator. I look forward to organizing events that cover a diversity of interests.

Maheen - CEEC Advisor

My name is Maheen and I'm starting my second year in McGill Arts, majoring in Political Science and minoring Psychology. I am thrilled to be this year's advisor to the Community Engagement and Equity Committee (CEEC) for 2018-2019! CEEC is a Residence Life committee that works to make McGill residences a more equitable and inclusive space for marginalized people. It also serves as a venue for discussing and planning ways to engage with the McGill and greater Montreal communities. Some of our past events include coffeehouses showcasing residence talent, film fests featuring movies with diverse characters, and panel discussions on feminism. I look forward to a great year working alongside the rest of the Residence Life team!


Dorothy - ERC Advisor

Hi, my name is Dorothy and I’m from the beautiful chaos that is Hong Kong! I’m this year’s ERC (Environmental Residence Council) Advisor. What I will do this year is to take in and share ideas within and outside the council, while planning events that make sustainability cool again! To me sustainability isn’t just for the tree-huggers and the select few who can “afford” to have green fingers. Living and learning while being conscious and acting on environmental, social and economic equities should be accessible (and fun!) to all, and Residences are the perfect places to think about that! My team’s goal is to make sustainability implementable and engaging in Rez. 


Joy - Faculty in Residences

Hello there! My name is Joy and I am a second-year student in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in international development. I am very happy to be working with the Faculty in Residence portfolio and I’m excited to be bringing McGill Professors and students living in residence together in settings such as discussions, lectures, seminars and presentations. I hope to engage students in the opportunity to interact with professors in a comfortable, informal setting to broaden their perspectives and learn about a variety of different fields, studies and disciplines. I am excited to welcome a diverse range of speakers and presenters into the McGill Residences and I hope this will impact students in both a positive and insightful way!

Kelly Ma - Wellness in Residence

Bonjour-hi! I am this year’s Wellness in Residence coordinator and an avid fan of Pokémon Go. This year, I am über excited to organize inclusive events to make life in residence as comforting as possible. Wellness affects our daily lives in various ways and I will strive to cater to your academic, social, and personal needs. Feel free to drop by the Residence Life office and say hi, I love meeting new friends!