Undergraduate residence housing application for the 2023-2024 academic year is now open on Minerva

Deadline to apply is June 12th, 2023


Residence students

Community Building Events

Community Building Activities

Building a community is about being confident in reaching out to others and establishing meaningful relationships that enrich everyone’s experience. The Residence Life Facilitator’s role in this journey is crucial. This group of students are extremely motivated and inspired to organize and facilitate programming and activities in McGill residences to help build a strong community, encourage diversity, education, and personal development.

The RLife team oversees seven different portfolios, which have the same objective of creating opportunities for students to socialize, have fun and engage in equitable and inclusive programming.

This year, the team has the unique responsibility of helping students transition back into in-person activities after living virtually for 18 months. We are focusing on programs that help students slowly interact with the world again while feeling like an active part of the larger residence community. These events were hosted either online or in-person, depending on the most recent COVID rules and regulations:

  • relaxing yoga session
  • dorm decoration
  • scavenger hunt
  • Q & A sessions for new students
  • matching students into study groups
  • series of wellness social media posts
  • workshops with Skills 21
  • council nominations
  • council elections
  • newsletters

Looking ahead, the RLife team is working on planning some fun outings, forming an academic and learning committee, hosting an event for the Truth and Reconciliation day, collaborating with local community organizations, creating wellness packages and facilitating BIPOC Chat Sessions and Queer Games Night. With the help of the Environmental Residence Council and Community Engagement and Equity Committee, we are also hoping to provide students with opportunities to get involved in sustainable living initiatives and support inclusivity and diversity in residences.



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