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Faculty in Residence Series



Our Faculty in Residence Series ("Faculty in Rez") is designed to offer university faculty and first year students living in McGill Undergraduate Residences different opportunities to interact—ideally giving students the chance to meet professors in a comfortable, familiar setting (over meals in the dining halls, in the common space, etc) and to learn in different ways.

Coming from different disciplines all across campus, professors join us in our residences to give short and casual lectures on a topic of interest to themselves and to the students: professors sometimes highlight recent developments in their field, or a particularly quirky or little-discussed aspect of their discipline. They might also discuss their own personal academic training and how they found themselves at McGill.

Past guests include:

Heather Monroe-Blum (former Principal and Vice-Chancellor)

Charmaine Nelson (Art History and Communication Studies)

Daniel Jutras (Dean of Law)

Rex Brynen (Political Science)

Ken Ragan (Physics)

Derek Ruths (Computer Science)

Kathleen Fallon (Sociology)

Robert Rabin (Alumnus and visitor from the National Severe Storms Laboratory at the NOAA)

Maggie Kilgour and Peter Gibian (English)

Janusz Rak (Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre)

Richard Roy (Biology)

A Sample of Past Lectures:

Aziz Choudry (Integrated Studies in Education) "Social Movement Learning, Knowledge Production and Research"

Ariel Fenster (Office for Science and Society) "Cheers! The Chemistry of Wine"

Jane Everet (Dean of Students, Département de langue et littérature françaises) "How I Got From There to Here"

Sarah Stroud (Philosophy) "Contingency and Philosophy"

Allan Greer (History) “What’s the Point of a History Degree?  The Humanities and Higher Education”

Jens Pruessner (McGill Centre for Studies in Aging) "The Stresses of Student Life"

Elizabeth Groeneveld (McGill Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies) "Read/Make: Zines and 'Embodied Community'"

George McCourt (McGill School of Environment) "Living a Life in the Past"



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