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Equity Education in Residences

To quote the Residences and Student Housing Strategic Plan, “We must develop a welcoming and supportive place for all wanting to be successful students and positive community members.”

There are a number of opportunities for students to strengthen their ability to build inclusive communities by equipping them with the necessary resources, skills, and spaces for dialogue.

In collaboration with the Office of The Dean of Students, a variety of programming, including Rez Project, helps foster these ideas of respect and inclusion throughout McGill Residences.

Rez Project

“Rez Project”, was the result of an idea put forward by a group of Floor Fellows with the goal of creating spaces for discussion around issues affecting their communities.

For over 15 years, students living in McGill Residences have participated in Rez Project workshops, wherein students are equipped with tools to create more supportive and inclusive communities.

These discussions include issues related to equity, difference, and power, particularly in the context of gender, sexuality, consent, race, and Indigenous histories and realities. These workshops are facilitated by a small team of vigorously trained student Facilitators, supported by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Participating in two workshops, occurring early in the Fall and Winter semesters, is an essential, expected, and exciting part of living in Residences at McGill.

In addition to these workshops for the entire Residences community, there are a number of other discussions, workshops, and events that help students continue learning and building tools to foster more respectful, equitable, and inclusive communities. Keep an eye out for more information over the Summer about Rez Project 2018-2019.

Questions about the program? Please contact rezproject.residences [at]

Check out our interactive compilation of Rez Project Resources 

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