Anti-Oppression Programming

Each year, residences are the first introduction to independent living for over 3000 first year McGill students. The transition to university can be difficult and students are not always equipped to deal with issues of discrimination and harassment. Our anti-oppression programming aims to equip students with multiple frameworks for thinking about difference and to extend and nuance their understandings of race, gender, ability, class, etc. Programming will take place in the form of trainings, workshops, discussion groups and movie screenings.

We provide opportunities for students to build strong support systems and ally-ship by equipping them with the necessary resources and skills to proactively address these issues as they arise. To quote the Residences and Student Housing Strategic Plan, “We must develop a welcoming and supportive place for all wanting to be successful students and positive community members. To do this, we must suspend the assumption that we are already successful in this effort and utilize assessment and continuous self-evaluation to gain a true picture.” 



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