Room Assignment

Shortly after the reply-by deadline, you will be able to view on Minerva your hall confirmation detailing where you will be living next year! Specific room assignments are done shortly before move-in day and you will be advised of your room number when you arrive. It is at this point that you will asked to agree to the Rules and Regulations and additional clauses (imprinting a digital signature on your lease), which is the binding contract with McGill University Student Housing.

Room Reservation

For the most part, we will hold your room reservation until Sept 1, with the exception of International students.  For those of you who will be expecting your Visas in August, our deadline would be August 15.  If you have not received your visa by this deadline, then we reserve the right to reserve your space in an alternate accommodation, temporarily until we can move you back into our residence structure.

Temporary Hall Assignment

McGill does not limit the number of applications we receive and should that number exceed the number of spaces available, we are committed to finding accommodations for all students.  Once the initial room assignments have been made, remaining students with the very lowest lottery numbers are put on a temporary waiting list, indicating that they have been given a temporary room assignment. These students are then given permanent room assignments as cancellations come in during the summer and as no-shows are sorted out at the beginning of the school year.

Throughout this manual process, hall ranking choices are considered, and we will do our best to assign you to one of your top choices.

Each year, approximately 100 to 200 students receive temporary room assignments. The majority of these students are given their permanent room assignments before they arrive at McGill for move-in.

In past years, a small number of students who were guaranteed housing and were in the annual Hall Assignment Lottery were temporarily housed in suitable accommodations other than McGill Residences. As residence spaces became available, students were contacted to move into their permanent room assignments.  

As soon as a cancellation or no-show has been confirmed, permanent rooms are assigned to a student in a temporary room in the space that has become available. Almost all students are placed in their final accommodation before the end of September.

Room Change

While we aim to accommodate every student's preferences, this will not always be possible. If you are unhappy with your residence hall or room assignment, you may request a hall/room change after you have moved in and have had a chance to see what your hall/room is really like.

Room hall change request form. Please note that no hall or room change requests will be processed until all students in temporary rooms have been moved to their permanent rooms. The cost associated with a hall/room change is now $200.