Mac Campus Room Reservation

Make sure you confirm your room reservation and pay your residence deposit before your reply-by deadline! Before you confirm your room reservation, please read through this website for detailed information on the types of accommodations and services we can offer you. As part of the confirmation process you will be asked to rank your choice of accommodation, answer a brief questionnaire about yourself and pay the residence deposit.

When you are ready, log on to Minerva to:

  • read and accept the room reservation agreement
  • tell us where you'd like to live by ranking your choice of residence hall
  • tell us a little about yourself by filling out the questionnaire
  • pay your room reservation deposit of $500.00.

Shortly after the reply-by deadline, you will receive your confirmation.

Reply-by Deadlines

If you are a first year student and were admitted to McGill and have accepted your admission offer, you must confirm by May 17th, 2016. 

If you are a first year student admitted to McGill after May 17th, 2016, or are not a first year student, you will be notified about your residence accommodation options and your reply-by deadline will communicated to you by the Macdonald Campus Housing Office.

Accommodation will be held for you only until your reply-by deadline. The demand for residence accommodation is very high.

If you choose to cancel your room reservation prior to move-in, or to cancel your lease after moving in, the following cancellations fees will be charged to you student fee account:

Cancellation Fees Offer of Regular Accommodation
Prior to August 1, 2016 $150
After August 1, 2016 $300

Please note: Students who withdraw from the University after moving date must also withdraw from their residence. No cancellation fees will apply and room rates will be pro-rated to the day the room is vacated and room keys have been returned.