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Mission and Vision

The operation of the student residences involves the intertwined functions of residence life, facilities operations, accommodations, business operations and our collegial work with different areas of the university as a whole.

Vision Statement

We are committed to facilitating learning amongst all members of the residence community in keeping with our core values: Respect, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Sustainability, Collaboration and Accountability.

Mission Statement

To continuously develop a safe home and nurturing community for our students through the following means:

• Keeping the value of respect for ourselves, others, and the physical environment as our cornerstone.

• Making environmentally and economically sustainable choices.

• Being responsive to student needs and supporting student initiatives.

• Maintaining open lines of communication and collaborative decision-making.

• Working together to provide a comfortable, clean, and secure environment.                                                         

• Keeping current with developing technology, practices, and professional development.

• Maintaining integrity and accountability.

• Thinking critically about what we do and having the courage to change.                                          

• Honouring our rich history and strong residence tradition.


Please see our  Residences and Student Housing Strategic Plan as well.