For advisors

Degree Evaluation also provides a central record of adviser/faculty-approved adjustments to a student’s program of study, e.g., the replacement of one specified course with another or acceptance of a non-McGill course for credit. Advisers who complete a Transfer Credit Student Adjustment Form [.pdf] that is approved by their Faculty Student Affairs Office will later be able to see that adjustment reflected on their advisee’s DER. Engineering students require a special form, available from the Engineering Student Affairs Office.

This centrally-maintained record will be of particular assistance to academic advisers when they are:

  • advising students who are doing work in more than one unit, as advisers in each department can see if their colleagues elsewhere have made an adjustment to another area;
  • assuming a new departmental adviser role;
  • transferring advising files to a colleague;
  • conducting pre-graduation reviews of student records.
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