Adding or dropping courses

The "Dropping a course" tutorial walks you through the withdrawal process for McGill courses.

Adding or dropping before the deadline

Before you add or drop a course, check the course change deadlines to make sure the Add/Drop period isn't over.  If it is still before the deadline, you can use Minerva to add or drop courses. Step-by-step instructions are available on Minerva. All courses have a set number of spots, so don't wait until the last minute to register.

Some important notes:

  • Courses dropped during the Add/Drop Period are deleted from your record. If you drop a course before the deadline, you'll get a refund for the course. If you add a course during this period, you'll be charged for the course.
  • Freshman Program students must have any changes approved by a Faculty academic advisor.
  • Courses that are cancelled by the University are not automatically deleted from your record. You'll need to delete them on Minerva.
  • If you forget to add a course during the Add/Drop Period, you'll need to submit a written appeal requesting that the course(s) be added to your record, and explaining why you were unable to add the course(s) during the Add/Drop Period. If your request is approved, you will be charged an administrative fee for each late change. Each student is limited to one request to correct a registration error.  If approved, future such requests will be refused.
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