SLL Expo/Celebration 2017

Thank you for joining us for the second annual celebration of all things SLL - The SLL Expo! This year, we kicked it up a notch with three full days of activities, including workshops, tours, a BBQ and more!

We would love your feedback on this year's events, including what went right, what went wrong, and what you would keep (or toss out!) next year! Fill out the feedback form to give us your thoughts, whether constructive criticism or compliments. 

If you happened to miss the 180 second presentations from and about each of the units held on the last day of festivities--or you'd just like to see them again--you can find each one below. 

Thank you again for your participation, and for all your hard work throughout the year!


Presentation by Deputy Provost Ollivier Dyens

180 second presentations



Day 1: Monday June 19

9AM-11AM: A continental tour of Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Human Resources and Finance

While enjoying a free continental breakfast, come discover many aspects of SHHR, including a tour of residence rooms, suites and meeting rooms, and a presentation of the different services offered by Student Housing and Hospitality Services.  The activity will be topped up by a presentation of the SLL Human Resources and Finance units.

Location: 26th Floor of La Citadelle (410 Sherbrooke W.)

Capacity: 70

10AM-12PM: Developing Leaders/Managers at SLL, by Dr Bob Saggers

Leadership and management are critical to fulfilling SLL's mission. This session will explore these two interdependent processes with a view to increase overall understanding about them and what SLL is doing to support their development. Participants will have the opportunity to identify their leadership-management orientation and leadership style, as well as learn a technique to improve performance by partnering with others.     

This interactive session will be given by Dr. Robert Saggers of McGill's School of Continuing Studies who has designed and facilitates SLL's Management and Leadership Development Program. 

Location: McLennan Library- MS74

Capacity: 25

10AM-12PM: Amazing Race at the pavilion of Athletics and Recreation

Get ready to exercise your mind and body in this interactive visit with Athletics and Recreation. You will be paired with a group of participants and engaged in an Amazing Race across McGill’s various athletic facilities and units. The activity doesn’t require any athletics skills, but we recommend that you leave your stilettos and ties at home!

Location: Sports Center (475 Pine avenue W.)

Capacity: 30

1:30PM-3:30PM: AI: How Artificial intelligence will change student affairs

The quick and dramatic advances in artificial intelligence are challenging many sectors of society, education and student affairs being two of them. How will AI affect and impact what we do? How can we use AI to improve our services to students, our day to day work, and our ability to support cognitive and personal development? What are the dangers, the promises and the amazing possibilities of AI? Montréal and McGill are at the epicentre of the AI revolution in the world and the penetration of AI in our institution will be quick.

This workshop will give a quick update of the most recent advances of AI and will engage participants in thinking about a path forward for McGill. 

***Coffee and light snack will be available

Location: Redpath Library Building, Research Commons Room 1

Capacity: 50


Day 2: Tuesday June 20

10AM-11:30AM : Presentation at the pavilion of Enrolment Services

Enrolment Services: Surprising projects and unexpected initiatives.  Things you never knew ES cares about or is involved in.

Location: MS55- McLennan Library Building

Capacity: 40

10AM-11:30AM : The Classroom Crawl - Visit McGill’s teaching spaces with Teaching and Learning Services

What types of formal spaces are available at McGill to support innovative teaching and learning? This tour will explore a variety of classrooms and labs across the downtown campus, including active learning classrooms as well as next-generation lecture halls and teaching labs.

Location: Meet in front of the Arts Building

Capacity: 25

10AM-11:30AM: Self-Care for Helpers

Through this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of self-care and compassion fatigue. Participants will develop strategies to maintain wellness, balance, and support. 

Location: Brown Services, room 5001

Capacity: 30

1:30PM-3PM: Residence life 

Do you love Rez? Do you think you have what it takes to be a floor fellow? If so, put your skills to the test and join us for an interactive session that explores the floor fellow hiring process. You will get a sense of what it feels like to be a student applying for one of the most competitive, rewarding and fun jobs on campus.

Location: Carrefour Sherbrooke: 3rd floor Common Room

Capacity:  20 participants

1:30PM-3PM: Helping Students in Distress

Join us for this interactive workshop that will address how to respond to and support students in distress. With a specific focus on sexual harassment and assault, the Dean of Students and Liaison Officer Harm Reduction will discuss how the Office of the Dean of Students supports students on campus, explore relevant policies, and guide participants on how to recognize signs of distress and support students in the moment.    

Presented by the Office of the Dean of Students & The Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education.  Facilitators: Dean of Students Prof. Chris Buddle and Liaison Officer Harm Reduction Bianca Tetrault

Location: Location: MS-74, McLennan Building Basement

Capacity: 25

1:30PM-3PM: Not just another McGill Tour

Not really new to McGill? Think this tour is going to be just another simple collection of buildings and rooms? Guess again! There are plenty of places that you probably are not aware of! There's the Victorian era museum with a collection of Egyptian mummies, a library study space unlike any you will ever see, and a classroom with a ceiling Michelangelo would approve of. Outdoors... well there's a burial tomb and even a potential lost city! Join the tour and see for yourself.

Location: Meet in front of the Arts Building

Capacity: 35


Day 1 & 2: Open house at Building 21 

On June 19th and 20th, we welcome all SLL staff to a sneak peak of Building 21, where 21st century ideas and technology come to life in a Victorian-style apartment. Come try out virtual and augmented reality, experience yoga like you've never had before, and let your mind relax into the art of doing nothing.

9AM-11AM: Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences

Location: Pavilion B21 (651 Sherbrooke Street W)

Capacity: 5 people for each 30 minute increment. Space is open to others who would like to tour B21.

12PM-1Pm: Yoga

Location: Pavilion B21 (651 Sherbrooke Street W)

Capacity: 10

2PM-4PM: Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences and mingling!

Location: Pavilion B21 (651 Sherbrooke Street W)

Capacity: 5 people for each 30 minute increment. Space is open to others who would like to tour B21 and mingle.

***Food for thought and free refreshments


Day 3: Wednesday June 21

Everyone is welcome to join us for the closing day of the SSL Expo! On this day, you can RSVP for the whole Morning Block, the whole Lunch/Afternoon Block, or both!

Breakfast, Fair & 180 second intros! (Morning Block)

9am-9:30am: Laissez-FAIR

Come enjoy the beautiful June weather on McGill’s Molson stadium.  Light breakfast, games and the opportunity to mingle and relax outside will be offered.

Location: Molson Stadium, 475 Pine avenue W. The activity will be relocated to the Tomlinson Fieldhouse if it rains.

9:45am-10:30am: 180 second presentations of SLL Units

Each SLL unit will be showcased during a short 180 second presentation.

Location: Love Competition Hall (competitive gymnasium), 475 Pine avenue W.

10:30am-11:30am: Leading the Future, by Prof. Ollivier Dyens

Too often, many of us are caught in the overbearing demands of the present. And while we sometime need to be able to look 3, 5, or even 10 years ahead to anticipate challenges, we cannot find the time to do so.  Today, SLL will be presenting a unique initiative for SLL staff that will address this challenge.

Location: Love Competition Hall (competitive gymnasium) 475 Pine avenue W.

Capacity: Everyone is welcomed but please RSVP

BBQ and Fair! (Afternoon Block)

11:30AM-1:30 AM: Outdoor BBQ and Laissez-FAIR cont’d

Enjoy a typical BBQ meal cooked by McGill’s Food and Dining Services while getting some much-needed vitamin D on Molson Stadium (fingers crossed for a sunny day!).  The atmosphere will be a festive one as the Laissez-FAIR will be continued.  Music, good food, games, good company, and a possible throwing contest against a former MLB Pitcher await you on that day.  You won’t want to miss out!

Location: Molson Stadium, 475 Pine avenue W. (the activity will be relocated to the Tomlinson Fieldhouse if it rains)

Capacity: Everyone is welcomed but please RSVP

1:30PM – 3PM: National Aboriginal Day Celebration

After lunch, everyone is welcomed to take a walk down on lower campus to take part in the National Aboriginal Day Celebration, which will take place from 2pm - 3pm. 

Location: Lower Campus