SLL Awards: 2017-18 Recipients & Nominees

Members of the Awards Selection Committee were all profoundly inspired by the great dedication and work happening across Student Life and Learning. Included here are the recipients of the 2017-18 SLL Employee Recognition Awards, who have gone above and beyond to advance the realization of the SLL mission, vision, and values. We have also shared with you the names of the nominees whose contributions are truly impressive and deserving of your attention.

Outstanding Employee

Jennie Ferris, Teaching and Learning Planner (Teaching and Learning Services)

The Selection Committee was impressed with Jennie's creative approach to her diverse portfolio of projects, the wide impact of her collaborative work, and her commitment to her own professional and personal development.

Other Nominees

  • Jacqueline Courtney, Clinic Manager (Student Services)

  • Lina Di Genova, Associate Director - Assessment, Learning and Evaluation (Student Services)

  • Josee Di Sano, Senior Administrative Coordinator (Student Services)

  • Avik (Jim) Ghoshdastidar, Residence Life Manager (Student Housing and Hospitality Services)

  • Louise Lockhart, Registered Nurse (Student Services)

Outstanding Team

Achievement McGill

Caroline James, Recruitment and Compliance Officer (Athletics and Recreation)
Joan Nachaty, Admissions Officer (Enrolment Services)

The Selection Committee was impressed with Caroline and Joan's embodiment of cross-SLL teamwork, as well as their collaborative and empathetic approach to supporting members of the SLL and McGill community. They see Achievement McGill as an exemplary model for future specialized recruitment initiatives.

Other Nominees

  • Wellness Outreach and Co-Curricular Record

Calli Armstrong, Psychologist and Lead of Outreach and Wellness (Student Services)
Timothy Wilfong, Co-Curricular Program Officer (Student Services)

Student Employee (Tie)

Amelia Peres, Student Sustainability Coordinator (Student Housing and Hospitality Services)

The Selection Committee was impressed with Amelia's resilient and intrepid approach to her portfolio, and her commitment to introducing initiatives at McGill that cultivate a culture of sustainability.

Alysson Schulz, Facilities Representative (Athletics and Recreation)

The Selection Committee was impressed with Alysson's ability to progress rapidly in her role, and her commitment to giving back to her community by training and being a role model for other student employees.

Lifetime Achievement

Anna Walsh, Associate Registrar (Enrolment Services)

The Selection Committee was impressed with Anna's years of committed service and motivating leadership, and the wide range of SLL and McGill community members who spoke to the breadth, depth, and quality of her work and impact.

Other Nominees

  • Kathy D'Alesio, Manager of Operations (Enrolment Services)
  • John De Resendes Braga, Sous Chef (Student Housing and Hospitality Services)

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