Office of Student Life and Learning:

  • Works collaboratively with student leadership, the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Principal, and the Faculty Deans to ensure the best student experience and to further the academic mission of the University.
  • Provides administrative, HR, financial, governance, and legal support to all SLL units.
  • Provides support to student groups, and raises student concerns at the senior administrative level.
  • Consults broadly with student leaders and students on issues of relevance; manages communications with students; initiates, supports, and facilitates initiatives that serve students.
  • Develops diverse international experience opportunities for students.
  • Provides strategic guidance to all SLL units by offering a University-wide as well as a Quebec and Canada-wide perspective on initiatives, actions, and tactics and by connecting SLL units to all parts of the University and to higher education across the world.
  • Works with units to provide support, encouragement and solutions to address challenges and implement new initiatives. 



Office of Student Life and Learning:

  • Leads the McGill Commitment.
  • Leads International Education: forges new partnerships and manages exchange agreements; develops diverse and disparate opportunities for study abroad; provides guidance to University community on international education issues; acts as liaison with external associations and organizations; oversees University-wide delivery of risk management programming and shares best practices to support safe delivery of international mobility opportunities.
  • Nurtures productive relationships with student leaders; manages business relationship with student associations; monitors compliance with MOAs; responds to questions and requests; oversees and manages ententes regarding FIOs (i.e. ancillary fees).
  • Acts as the University point of contact for student leadership.
  • Acts as the point of contact for the senior administration, Graduate and Post Graduate Studies, Faculties, the Budget Office, University Advancement, Legal Counsel, Security, and Facilities for SLL-wide issues, initiatives, and projects.
  • Acts as the point of contact for the Senate and the Board of Governors for SLL.
  • Manages legal contracts and requirements with student groups and external providers.
  • Promotes and supports student entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Dobson Cup (Faculty of Management) and the Vice-Principal, Research and International Relations.
  • Manages the ongoing development of the McGill App.
  • Manages SLL’s large-scale philanthropic gifts.
  • Negotiates budget allocations for all SLL units with the central budget office.
  • Oversees hiring and performance evaluation of senior and executive directors in SLL.
  • Chairs specific University committees: Enrolment and Student Affairs Advisory Committee; Fee Advisory Committee; Committee on Enrolment and Student Affairs; Subcommittee on Courses and Teaching Programs, GDEU; SEU – Pension Plan Committee (Vice Chair); and the HR Committee for SLL, McGill International Education Network.
  • Also attends University-wide committees: Academic Program Committee; Innovation Steering Committee; Emergency Operation Center; Senate; Board of Governors; P7 (the Vice Principals table), McGill Athletics and Recreation Advisory Board; Faculty Financial Officers Network; Optimal Organisational Chart Definition Working Group; Negotiation Committee on collective agreements; International Relations Coordination Committee.