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Security and Safety

It is important to keep your organisation’s assets safe and secure. This could be from any petty cash collected during events, property purchased by the organisation’s funds, or your personal belongings in a shared office space.

A loss of money from your safe, merchandise stolen from your office, or broken property can set your organisation back thousands of dollars due to carelessness. However, you will want to actively avert putative damages by being vigilant of your space. McGill Security has a pamphlet on cash logistics solutions you can check out.

First, you want to ensure your office space is protected. This could be with a locked door, specific key card access, and/or camera surveillance. If you have issues with the reliability of your office door, please speak to McGill Facilities about putting in a work order. The key holder should be dependable and the transaction of keys should be limited to prevent loss or misplacement of them. If you are keeping the keys on campus in a locker, make sure to change the lock yearly.

If you have installed key card access, your Area Access Manager will be responsible for assigning access to the room. McGill Security can see a record and time stamp of every cardholder that has scanned into the room. There are different ‘levels of access’ that either allows entry at any hour or only during a predetermined timeframe. It is the responsibility of your Area Access Manager to remove access from individuals who no longer needing entry into the room (i.e. when events are done, when positions turn over) to reduce the flow of traffic – this can be done easily by setting beginning and ending access dates.

The President may want to ask McGill Security or the building’s Porter if there is camera surveillance of your office door in the event any lost item needs to be retrieved.



If your office has a safe, please ensure only a few individual can access it (i.e., President, VP Finance). In each year that the safe's access changes hands, this combination should be changed to prevent previous executive members from accessing the safe. Please keep all cash and valuables within the safe at all times. When the safe door is open, please make sure the office door remains closed to prevent individuals from entering and exiting.

You may speak to McGill Security for other ways your can improve the safety and security of your organization!


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