FROSH LEADER, O-STAFF and O-WEEK volunteer applications open NOW! 


It is never too early to start recruiting for your organization! Often, associations and clubs have events requiring coordinators and volunteers. This is a time to capitalize on getting younger students involved in the organizational process and help them “learn the ropes”. This can be done via the First-Year Council in your Faculty or by advertising positions within lower-level classes.

During election time, there may be many positions unopposed due to lack of interest or experience. Interested hopefuls are often dissuaded due to their lack of experience or knowledge about the executive portfolio. A way to contest this apathy or lack of familiarity is to have opportunities that nurture the leadership potential in students early in their university tenure. There are many portfolios, which include academic events, social events, philanthropic events, and more. Having a position on your executive council that is reserved for a U0/U1 student will ensure involvement from younger students and the opportunity to transition these students to other portfolio positions over the year. Furthermore, having an “in-house” first-year student provides a way to advertise to the younger years when promoting your events in residences and first-year classes.

Before the council elections, hold a Meet and Greet for interested applicants where they can ask the outgoing council questions about their portfolio and understand the breadth of the work required throughout the summer and school semesters.




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