FROSH LEADER, O-STAFF and O-WEEK volunteer applications open NOW! 


Welcome to the Operations chapter of the handbook. In this section, you will learn about the workings for an effective and efficient council or club executive. Find out what you can do both inside and outside the meeting room when it comes to making agendas, conducting meetings, and much more! We provide some advice on how to best time manage the council’s schedule with your busy McGill lifestyle.


Look out for the PRO TIP reminders with helpful suggestions.



If you are new to council meetings, we have outlined some of the important prompts when using Robert’s Rules of Order. These #fundamentals will help you get through the council year looking like a pro!

But don’t forget! You have a responsibility to your constituents (also referred to as your members-at-large) to keep them informed and updated with General Assemblies!

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