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Feedback & Assessment

Part of the secret behind running a successful organization is receiving feedback for how it can be improved. Whether it is throughout the year, during or after an event, or at key times in the academic year, you should be probing your members-at-large and any partners for feedback. You should be interested in hearing what worked well and what needs to be reconsidered. Furthermore, you will want to sit down with your executive and discuss strengths and weaknesses of your organization and its projects.


You can build a feedback form through Google Docs or Survey Monkey (as long as you are not asking for student information that shouldn't be housed on external servers). Anything event-related should be sent within a week of the event. Don’t delay in sending out this feedback form! You want comments while they are still fresh in your members’ minds.


Consolidate the feedback received into a report that can be added to your exit report for the next year’s executive.


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