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External Relations

Going to a university in a metropolitan city has it perks. There is access to resources, small businesses and ventures, large corporations, and a multitude of people all living in one area. You will never run out of options for sponsorship, venues, publicity, or events! The challenge is how to find what you’re looking for and maintain those connections for years to come. Most organisations on campus have a long-standing rapport with some business owners around the downtown core and this allows for annual events. To ensure you maintain this rapport, you want to ensure the business is content with how the event or agreement was followed through, and you will want to thank them for their generosity with a card or e-mail. A contract will help to ensure both parties receive the negotiated terms and are satisfied with the outcome.

Although business owners do form a large majority of the connections you will make, there are also residents in the Milton-Parc community around the campus that are affected by the events you run. The Milton-Parc community residents share common spaces with many student apartments that may become littered with noise and debris. Many residents have young children or have lived in the community for decades. If you are thinking to host events within the Milton-Parc community, please be wary of other residents in the building and be courteous and respectful.


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