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With the end of one student government lifecycle starts another – usually with a stressful week or two of elections.  The fate of your organisation is in the hands of your successors, thus, you will want to ensure the candidates are aware of the full responsibilities and that the elections are run flawlessly. The Chief Returning Office should have jurisdiction over campaign and electoral procedures in accordance to the electoral by-laws of the organisation. The electoral by-laws should outline campaign regulations, including, but not limited to, spending budgets, social media restrictions, and the candidate’s campaign team. The President and CRO should review the electoral by-laws annually before election periods.

At the beginning of the winter semester, you will want to check the election timeline outlined in the electoral by-laws and determine the dates of nominations, campaign period, and elections. To increase your candidate turnout, you will want to allow plenty of time to advertise the upcoming elections and provide a chance for candidates to meet the current executive council.


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