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When trying to find your organization, most people will try to search you on Google (or Yahoo! if they are feeling bold). Your website should be a great place to find the executive contact info, the organization’s upcoming events on a calendar, links to departments or standing committees, services, documents, and much more!

In order to keep your website up-to-date, you will either want to have a Webmaster or a coordinator under the Vice-President Communications to oversee all web-based matters. When choosing a Webmaster, look for experience in the coding language or web interface on which your website is hosted.

To maintain transparency with your members-at-large, you will want to post minutes of General/Legislative Councils and Assemblies. It is a good idea to include the Webmaster in the e-mail with the agenda and minutes sent to council members. It is best to upload the agendas and minutes in a PDF format.

N.B: The annual SSMU Awards features a section for the best website of an association or club at McGill!


Clubs who are interested in creating a web presence can request a site in the SSMU domain. To request a website, clubs are required to fill out the Student Group Resource Request Form.

For clubs that need assistance with the development of their website, all clubs are entitled to 10 hours of website design and website management training from the SSMU Club Website Designer. To arrange  a meeting or to make a request for website design, contact the Clubs Website Designer at clubweb [at]

Please note that all club websites must identify the club as "a student group of the Students' Society of McGill University".


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