This is definitely where your graphic designer will come in handy. You want your posters to be visually appealing and to the point. You want to draw people in to read the poster from afar or within a mess of posters on a bulletin board. The professionalism of a poster speaks for itself.

Things to remember when designing your poster:

  • Large, legible font
  • Clear information about time, date, ticket price (if applicable)
  • Display the location of the event (maybe say the closest metro stop too!)
  • Visually appealing graphics and layout
  • Professional
  • Evident contact/online information for follow-up (i.e. the action item!)

You should make your posters a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to ensure you have enough publicity. For General Assemblies where a quorum is needed, you may want to advertise this date up to 1 month in advance. Check with each building about what is need (usually a stamp from a central office) to have your poster put up.

Remember: most buildings will allow 2-3 posters in total. Be environmentally sustainable when printing posters by using recycled paper and limiting the number of copies.

Where to poster on campus

Bronfman Building

  • Signature needed from Room 104

Brown Building

  • Stamp required from Room 4100

Burnside Building

  • No stamps required

Education Building

  • Two locations to get posters approved for allowance
  1. For posters in the Education lobby or Education Lounge (basement), approval is needed from the Education Undergraduate Society. Get a stamp of approval in their office (B179). Office hours are 10-2 Monday to Friday.
  2. For posters in the rest of the Education Building (including bulletin boards on the 2nd floor), receive a stamp of approval from the Internship and Student Affairs (ISA) office in room 243.

Law Building

  • Stamp from Student Affairs Office (4th floor)

Leacock Building

  • Approval needed from the Arts Undergraduate Society. Their office can be found in the basement of the Leacock Building in room B-12.
  • Approval allows you to put posters on the billboard across the AUS lounge in the basement of the Leacock Building, or on the billboard in the lobby of Leacock near the exit to McTavish street.

McConnell Building

  • Stamp needed from room 7

McIntyre Medical Building

  • Stamp needed from room 529

SSMU Building

  • Give flyers to the SSMU office (Suite 1200 of the SSMU Building). They will stamp and post them for you.

Macdonald Campus: Centennial building

  • Send poster to Student Services, Mac campus, and they will post for you.

Tape up some posters to the venue door the night of the event so people can identify their checkpoint and make their way to the line-up!



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