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Use of the McGill Logo

Use of the McGill name and emblem is dealt with in your (or your parent association's) MOA with the University. 

The MOA will generally state that:

  • The Association recognizes the University is the owner of the intellectual property in the names "McGill" and the associated trademarks and crest which are duly protected by the Trademarks Act.
  • On a non-exclusive basis and solely in connection with its activities related to its role as a student association and in accordance with this Agreement, the University hereby grants the Association the right to use the name "McGill" in its association name. The present grant is not assignable.
  • The University's trademarks and emblems may not be used in connection with the Association's name or logo, or that of the names or groups of the Association, which shall be distinct from that of the University's.
  • Any change to the Association's approved logo or trademark shall be submitted in advance for confirmation by the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) that the proposed new logo or trademark conforms to the terms and conditions set out in this section. The Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) shall provide a written response within one week of the Associations' submission. Approval shall form an amendment to this agreement.
  • On a non-exclusive basis, and for the term of this Agreement and in accordance with its conditions, the University grants the Association's groups, clubs or services ("the Groups") whose Group names have been approved with the McGill name - permission to use "McGill" in their names.

For questions about the above, please contact the Office of the Deputy Provost.

If you have been given permission to use the McGill emblem (e.g., because your event is in collaboration with a University unit), then your use of the McGill name and emblem is bound by the Policy on use of the Wordmark and Insignia of McGill University. Note that policies, procedures, and guidelines are reviewed and modified on an ongoing basis. Approved changes are updated by the University Secretariat. You can access a copy of the policy on the Secretariat website.

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