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Classroom Announcements

Many professors and TAs will allow students to make classroom announcements at the beginning of class. 

*Not all professors will allow this, so be sure to contact your professor for permission before attempting an announcement.

If you are doing announcements, just making a plug while everyone is shuffling into the room is not the most effective way to promote your event. Something most professors will allow is a PowerPoint slide they can include in their lecture notes or preview on the screen before beginning their lecture. This is more effective for students to stare at while waiting for the class to begin. If you’re lucky and the class is recorded, the students watching the lecture at home will also be able to stare at the slide at the beginning of the lecture instead of fast-forwarding through the pre-lecture announcements recorded on the audio. With a simple PowerPoint slide with all the event information, the professors have the power to limit the time for announcements that often cut into precious teaching time. Some caveats for this approach are: (a) if there are no lecture slides for the course, or (b) if the professor chooses not to display the slide before lecture.

Things to remember for your PowerPoint slide:

  • Large, legible font
  • Clear information about time, date, ticket price (if applicable)
  • Display the location of the event (maybe say the closest metro stop too!)
  • Visually appealing graphics and layout
  • Quick and to the point
  • Contact/online information for follow-up (i.e. the action item!)

Although larger classes are more likely to have students in attendance, your event may not be targeting this demographic. Do your research to find classes through Minerva that have students in the target demographic for the event, whether it is by year, topic, interests, etc. Smaller classrooms are often overlooked, so these professors may still be favourable to classroom announcements.



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