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Chronic Pain Workshop

Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management program

by Dr. Allen Steverman

We will offer a new workshop for Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management run by Dr. Allen Steverman who is a pain specialist at Hôtel-Dieu Hospital.

We have had several chronic pain patients who have commented on how positive their experiences have been with mindfulness-based chronic pain therapy. We are therefore very happy that we can offer this service to our students.

Dates: The group will run for 10 weeks and will start in the Fall 2017 term (Date and time TBA). 

Fees: There is a small materials fee ($90) as the participants need to purchase the materials for the course.

Registration: To indicate your interest, please complete the registration form (you must login above to access the form). Those registered will be contacted with further details on the workshop.

Please note: To access services, you must be currently enrolled and paying the Student Services fee. The fee is automatically charged to the student account of undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows every fall and winter term. Certain other categories of students may opt to pay a fee to use the services.