Summer Award Payments

In order to avoid processing delays of summer awards and stipends, take note of the following eligibility criteria:

Students are deemed eligible if they are:

  • Registered in a Degree program in the Summer term  OR
  • Registered as a Research Trainee during the summer term  OR
  • Registered in the preceding Winter term as well as the upcoming Fall term in the same program  OR
  • Graduated in the preceding Winter term

Students are ineligible for summer award payments if they do not meet the criteria listed above OR if they are registered as a PostDoc during the Summer session OR if they are on a Leave of Absence.

Awards processors should indicate in the payment comments that the award/stipend is either for a student participating as a Graduate Research Trainee, an Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA), or an Undergraduate Research Trainee as one of the allowable options to pay students.

Note:  For Tri-Council Research (AFC starts with R) awards, students must be registered as Full time including the Summer Term.

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