On-line/Distance Programs

Students who have been admitted to on-line or distance programs will be subject to deregulated fees if they are studying with a residence address outside the province, as the government does not fund the University for credit activities that are followed outside Quebec.

Undergraduate Level:

  • Certificate Computers and Information Technology
  • Certificate Indigenous Business Management
  • Certificate Public Administration & Governance

Graduate Level:

  • Diploma Public Administration
  • Graduate Diploma Legal Translation

Note 1: All students admitted to the qualifying program for the above programs are also subject to the same fee structure.

Note 2: All students who take courses within the above programs as a special student will also be subject to the same fee structure.

The rates are as follows for 2020-21:

Students studying from within Quebec may see the rates found in the Continuing Studies fee tables which are organized by residency status. Just click on the category that applies to you — Quebec students, non-Quebec Canadian students, or International students— to find your fee estimate.

Students studying from outside Quebec are subject to the following deregulated tuition rates:

- Undergraduate level: $1,344.77 per credit
- Graduate level: $816.67 per credit

Credit Courses (per one 3-credit course) at the Undergraduate level / Cours à unités au premier cycle (par cours de 3 unités) Credit Courses (per one 3-credit course) at the Graduate level / Cours à unités au deuxième cycle (par cours de 3 unités)
Tuition /
Droits de scolarité
4,034.31 2,450.01
Registration Charge /
Frais d’inscription
26.04 26.04
General Administrative Charge (maximum per Fall/Winter terms) /
Frais administratifs généraux (maximum par session automne/hiver)
54.43 54.43
Transcripts& Diploma Charge /
Frais de relevés de notes et de diplôme
4.65 4.65
Copyright Fee /
Redevances de droits d’auteur
2.97 2.97
Information Technology Charge / Frais de technologie de l’information 25.47 25.47
Total Fees /
Total des droits et frais
4,147.87 2,563.57
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