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Tuition fee exemptions

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French Course Fee ExemptionsOut-of-province Tuition Supplement Exemptions
International Students Eligible for Fee exemptions based on legal status in Canada 

Exemption from the out of province or international supplement tuition fees is possible for students in the following three categories, as authorized by the Ministère de l`Éducation, Loisir et Sport du Québec (MELS). Note that this information may be subject to change.

French Course Fee Exemptions

Non-Quebec Canadian and international students are automatically assessed fees for certain eligible French courses at the Quebec tuition rate (note exclusions below). This list of eligible courses can be found here: http://www.mcgill.ca/legaldocuments/exemption#FRENCHCOURSES

Students in the following categories do not benefit from a reduction in tuition fees:

  • International Graduate Diploma, Certificate (Graduate or Undergraduate), Special, Visiting and Qualifying students.
  • Students who are in programs where the fees are charged on a flat rate basis (such as thesis programs) and who take French courses as part of their program will not benefit from any reduction in fees. Students taking French courses (that are eligible for reduction) that are taken as extra to their program will be charged additional fees at the Quebec rate. Students should consult with their department in order to determine if such courses are part of their program or deemed to be extra.
  • Students enrolled in the Quebec Summer Studies Institute; International Masters Program in Practicing Management; International Masters for Health Leadership; Management International Summer Program; and certain Distance graduate certificate programs, Masters of Business Administration, and Executive Masters of Business Administration.

Out-of-province Tuition Supplement Exemptions

Non-Quebec Canadian students in the following categories are exempted from out-of-province tuition supplements:

  • Students in a PhD program.
  • Students in a Post-Graduate Medical Education program: Medical Residents, Clinical Fellows, Clinical Research Fellows, Research Fellows.
  • Students registered full-time in the Masters in French (Maîtrise en français). The exemption begins at the moment the student registers in the program, without retroactive effect.

Complete guidelines and regulations may be found at http://www.mels.gouv.qc.ca/ens-sup/ens-univ/finances-univ.asp in the document Politique Relative aux Droits de Scolarité Exigés des Canadiens Non-Résidents par les Universités du Québec.

International Students Eligible for Fee exemptions based on legal status in Canada

Students with one of the following statuses may be exempt from International Supplements (certain categories may be assessed at the Canadian tuition rate):

  • Citizens of France.

***IMPORTANT NOTE (March 19, 2015) : Subsequent to the February 12th press release from the Quebec Ministry of Education (MESRS), further information was announced March 19th regarding the revised entente between the Gouvernement du Québec and Le Gouvernement de la République Française as it pertains to the international tuition exemption for French Nationals. The following details are now clear:

Undergraduate students:
- Newly-admitted to McGill degree programs effective for the Fall 2015 semester will be charged tuition at the Canadian rate. This includes new students who deferred their Fall 2014 admission to Fall 2015.
- Continuing in McGill degree programs for the Fall 2015 semester will continue to be charged tuition at the Quebec rate. The Canadian rate will apply to continuing students who begin another undergraduate degree program at McGill in Fall 2015 or later.

Graduate students: - Newly-admitted and those continuing in McGill degree programs - will continue to be charged tuition at the Quebec rate.

Eligibility conditions for the international fee exemption remain in place, wherein students must provide the requisite documentation – by the requisite deadlines – so as to be accorded the international tuition exemption.
Details will also be communicated directly to all new and returning French students at McGill.

  • Citizens of certain countries with an agreement with MELS.
  • Diplomatic, consular or other representatives of international organizations.
  • Convention refugees.
  • Students awaiting permanent residency in Canada and holding an eligible CSQ.
  • Students whose spouse or unmarried students whose parent holds a Temporary Work Permit in Canada.
  • Students funded by the FRSQ (Fonds de la recherché en santé du Québec).

To apply for any of the above exemptions, students are required to provide the appropriate documents proving one of the statuses listed above.  Please consult the Legal Documents site for the list of the required documents supporting the exemption request, as well as for the procedure for submitting these and the relevant dates by when they are required.

A complete list of the guidelines and regulations can be read in the "Politique Relative aux Droits de Scolarité Exigés des Étudiants Étrangers par les Universités du Québec" on the Ministère de l'Éducation, Loisir et Sport du Québec (MELS) website.

Questions related to any of the exemptions should also be addressed to the to the Service Point at (514) 398-7878 or www.mcgill.ca/students/servicepoint/.