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Fees by residency status

The tuition fees vary according to the residence and citizenship status of the student.

The Quebec Government requires all students who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada to provide proof of their status in order not to be charged the international rate. In addition, students who wish to qualify for the Québec rate must also provide proof of Québec residency along with proof of Canadian citizenship. A list of categories of Québec residents who qualify for the Québec rate and the details regarding the procedures necessary to qualify, are available on the Legal Documents site. All required documents must be submitted within the timeframe indicated on the site

Students must report any changes to their status, and submit supporting documents to Enrolment Services. Requests must be submitted by the last day of classes of the sane term that the change of status occurred. Documentation received after this time will affect fee rates for subsequent terms only.

If proof of status is submitted after a student has been billed, but before the document submission deadline, the tuition supplement will be waived. Should a tuition status change result in a reduction of fees during the evaluation period, any late payment and/or interest charges accumulated on the difference will also be waived.

The tuition rates for the 2015/2016 fall and winter terms can be found under Tuition Rates 2015-2016.