SBNH Partnership: Summer 2022 Research Update

This spring, we completed the first cohort of the Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare Leadership program, and delivered the active training days of the second cohort. We share a summary of the events of this busy and exciting season, and look forward to the next phase of the grant project this fall.

This spring has been a whirlwind of activity as we delivered the training days of the Strengths-Based Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program to the second cohort. Thanks to the participation of this dynamic and deeply engaged group and the committed work of our faculty and mentors, the second cohort has been another exciting success. The participants will continue with mentorship through the summer and fall, culminating with a final celebration on October 28, 2022.

Please find our Executive Committee update below, with short committee updates following.

Executive Committee Update:

We are pleased to report on our recent collective accomplishments. Together we:

  • Held the final celebration for the first cohort of the SBNH-L Program
  • Launched a Community of Practice to provide continued mentorship to cohort 1 participants
  • Recruited a dedicated team of 27 new and returning SBNH-L mentors, and ran the ongoing Mentor Community of Practice
  • Launched the second cohort of the SBNH-L Program to a group of 71 leaders
  • Delivered the 6 training days of the SBNH-L Program to cohort 2
  • Continued our robust mixed-methods evaluation of the SBNH-L Program cohorts
  • Recruited a new research assistant, Jackie Girgis, responsible for analyzing the program’s equity, diversity, and inclusion findings
  • Planned the second annual SBNH Global Check-up as part of the Canadian Nurses’ Association’s Global Changemakers Speakers Series to be held on July 13th
  • Had an abstract accepted to the Congrès mondiale SIDIIEF on our evaluation results to date
  • Scheduled a November 2022 Partnership Meeting

Training Committee Update

The Training Committee has been busy supporting our faculty, mentors, and participants through the second cohort of the SBNH-L Program. This spring, the committee launched a Community of Practice for interested cohort 1 participants, as a place for them to deepen and integrate their SBNH-L learnings through continued mentorship and story-sharing.

The Training Committee would like to thank our faculty, mentors, and incredible staff who have made this program a success.

Evaluation Committee Update

The Evaluation Committee and related staff have had a busy spring conducting the ongoing mixed-methods evaluation of cohort 1 and launching the evaluation of cohort 2.

The Evaluation Committee will be presenting at the 8ieme Congrès mondial SIDIIEF entitled L’impact d’une formation en leadership auprès des gestionnaires en contexte de pandémie (the impact of a leadership training program on managers in the context of the pandemic).

Knowledge Mobilization Committee Update

Partnering with the Canadian Nurses’ Association, the KM Committee has been preparing the second SBNH Global Check-Up, which will be held virtually on July 13th. Co-Investigator Pam Hubley will be the keynote speaker, presenting on the topic of nursing leadership in a time of global crisis. This event will also include short presentations from a global panel of SBNH leaders. Find more information and register for the event here.

The Committee will meet this summer to assess the Knowledge Mobilization Plan and timeline for the remaining years of the grant.

Partner Profiles

In our ongoing series of profiles introducing the members of the Partnership Grant, the most recent introduces Co-Investigator Bruce Gottlieb.

Accolades and Accomplishments

Laurie Gottlieb, Pam Hubley, and Michele Durrant, leading SBNH champions in Canada, authored an article on the development and evaluation of the SBNH-L Pilot Program, which was the foundation of the current SBNH-L Program. This article, entitled “Influencing Work Culture: A Strengths-Based Nursing Leadership and Management Education Program”, was published this winter in the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership and can be accessed here.


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