Sustainability at STLHE 2012 Conference

The STLHE Sustainability Committee’s goal is to reduce material use and provide participants with environmentally-friendly alternatives during the Conference. This page highlights key ways in which we are making this conference sustainable, and what conference delegates can do to help.

Conference program and registration

  1. Registration is fully online.
  2. The conference program is available online, or as a PDF document.
  3. The vast majority of sponsorship advertising is being done online, rather than with printed materials.

Venue, accessibility and transit

  1. The Centre Mont-Royal is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, and is conveniently served by numerous public transit options.
  2. The conference venue is accessible for those in wheelchairs or with other mobility impairments (elevators and escalators available).
  3. There is real-time simultaneous translation (English/French) for all presentations taking place in the auditorium.
  4. To ensure that the conference is affordable and possible for diverse groups, we have offered subsidies to students and offered any one who volunteers free registration in exchange for 10 hours of work.
  5. Alternative transportation is encouraged on  the conference website: click here to find out more about taking public transportation, biking and walking in Montreal.
  6. In addition, the conference venue has implemented a number of environmentally-friendly practices: click here for more details.


  1. Conference bags are re-useable and do not contain the conference logo. In addition to saving on inks and the equipment needed for printing images, this makes them infinitely re-usable for your shopping, lunch, or day-to-day schlepping!  They are designed and produced by a local Montréal designer, Sophie Marcoux ( The bags are made of rip-stop nylon (made in the US), while the pouches for the bags feature Sofs original fabric design, and are made in Montreal of organic cotton.
  2. Recycling bins are available in every room in the conference centre.
  3. Thanks to the support of our enthusiastic and helpful volunteers, we are making an effort to limit one-time use signage. Instead, please ask anyone wearing a white conference volunteer shirt with a Montréal map on it if you need directions. Of note: the conference T-shirts are made of 100% cotton with organic cotton; the map design hand-sewn on the T-shirts comes from Sophie Marcoux ( as well.

Food & beverages

  1. Leftover food and beverages are donated to the Old Mission Brewery.
  2. Individual wrapping is avoided in food presentation (condiments, coffee fixings, water bottles, etc.)
  3. Throughout the conference there is an emphasis upon fresh, local food. This reduces the transportation-related environmental impact.

Sustainability-friendly hints for conference attendees

  1. We encourage you to download the PDF of the conference program. You can also check out the conference’s online community on Pathable and sign up for the sessions that interest you. In addition to being a convenient way of planning your conference schedule, accessing session materials and jump-starting conversations with fellow conference attendees about topics of common interest, this gives presenters a better idea of how many people to expect at their sessions. Please note that print copies of the conference program will not be provided at the conference.
  2. Presenters are asked to use electronic handouts. Please post them either prior to, or within a reasonable delay following your presentation on the conference’s online community, Pathable.
  3. We encourage conference delegates to bring their own supplies to the conference as convenient. When you register on-site there will be a central location with bins for any supplies you may have forgotten, where you can choose a conference bag if you would like one, as well as paper and pens. Thank you for taking only supplies that you intend to use.
  4. Please keep an eye out for the nametag bins at the end of the conference: The nametags will be collected and re-used at next year’s conference.
  5. We encourage you to bring your own travel mugs and water bottles to re-use over the course of the conference. Beverages will be served at Nutrition Breaks, purified drinking water is available in the conference center, and pitchers of water will be on hand at every session.
  6. Check out the transportation section of the website for more information on getting to and from the conference and around town by public transit including metro, bike and bus…or you can take in the sights of bustling downtown Montreal in summertime, with a short walk from your hotel or residence!