We have moved from SSTI to MSSI

The SSTI has been renamed into MSSI (McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative) and we have also moved to a new website.

Contents of this site are not up to date (unmaintained) and this site will be brought down in due course. Please visit our new website.

SSTI Events


A series of 4 minute talks in which faculty present their research in the context of the big sustainability questions and highlight the benefit of input from other disciplines followed by a panel discussion and an opportunity for socializing. 


A series of eight 15 minute presentations which will propose areas of research to be pursued in the SSTI Grand Challenges, based on major themes emerging from the Lightning presentations. Two or three Grand Challenges will be chosen. 

Grand Challenge team socials. Preliminary discussion events for teams of researchers invited to elaborate their vision and interpretation of the  Grand Challenges. Winter 2017.

Grand Challenge workshops. Brainstorming sessions to fully articulate and develop the Grand Challenges. Winter 2017.

Project proposal development. Development of proposals for 3 yr transdisciplinary projects based on Grand Challenges. Winter 2017.

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