We have moved from SSTI to MSSI

The SSTI has been renamed into MSSI (McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative) and we have also moved to a new website.

Contents of this site are not up to date (unmaintained) and this site will be brought down in due course. Please visit our new website.

Lightning Talks Videos

An SSTI Lightning Talk is a 4-minute presentation to showcase research that addresses major sustainability challenges to a cross-disciplinary audience of McGill faculty.

Each session will comprise a series of Lightning Talks from a variety of disciplines.

Also, a panel discussion that draws out major research themes and an opportunity for interdisciplinary networking and development of ideas for SSTI Grand Challenge themes and research areas.

Inform faculty of the many areas in which McGill is conducting research relevant to sustainability sciences and technologies.

Identify domains of McGill expertise and develop major themes that will inform the process of developing the SSTI Grand Challenges (note that presentations are researches and not a Grand Challenge proposal).

Provide a space for researchers from a wide variety of disciplines to discuss areas for collaborative projects that will address the Grand Challenges.

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