Works-in-Progress Seminars

What is a Works-in-Progress seminar?

The objective of WIPS is to provide an informal intellectual forum where grad students, post-docs, and visiting scholars and researchers can present and discuss their work (dissertation and book chapters and proposals, conference papers, articles, and other intellectual endeavors). WIPS is open to everyone, and we welcome your participation and support.

Who is invited?

Graduate students, faculty, postdocs and all those with an interest in the Social Studies of Medicine.

When and where are the seminars?

Seminars are held in rooms 101 or 102 over a lunch hour in 3647 Peel Street. We keep it to an hour, although we encourage those who can to stay longer to continue the conversation. For specific seminar listings, please consult the below. It will be updated frequently. 

Who can I contact for more information?

Heike Faerber dept.ssom [at]





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