The Margaret Lock Seminar

The Margaret Lock Seminar

In honour of her 85th birthday in February 2021, the Department of Social Studies of Medicine is naming an annual departmental seminar after medical anthropologist Margaret Lock, one of the founding faculty members of the department. The Margaret Lock Seminar will showcase work in medical anthropology and closely related fields, focusing on scholars who engage topics in deep and committed ways, who offer nuanced analyses in global perspective, reflecting the spirit and richness of Professor Lock’s scholarship. SSoM faculty will collaborate with medical anthropologists in the Department of Anthropology to identify and invite speakers. The yearly Margaret Lock Seminar will also be an occasion to announce the student winner of the Margaret Lock Prize. The Margaret Lock Seminar will contribute to the continuous strengthening of ties between SSoM and Anthropology at McGill University.

Wednesday 23 February 2022  

1:00 - 2:30 PM

Virtual lecture

Nicole Charles, University of Toronto Mississauga

Corporeal Traces and Unsettling Truths

This talk explores the not-so-obvious stakes of biomedical modes of care and suspicion toward that care, in the context of postcolonial Barbados and the human papillomavirus vaccine. How might suspicion or hesitancy toward medical and scientific technologies push us away from colonial curative logics and toward life-affirming institutions of care? What are its limits and possibilities toward radical care, then and there, here and now, and transnationally as we reckon with the pandemic’s portal?




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