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Faculty members in the Department of Social Studies of Medicine offer elective courses, INDS 426: Putting It All Together: Basic Science, Medicine and Society, to medical students in their fourth year of study. The following list of courses reflects topics in Winter 2020.

Course Title Instructor
Medicine by Design Annmarie Adams
Empowering patients? Patient activism and clinical work Alberto Cambrosio
Gender and Medicine Jennifer Fishman
Dissecting the Placebo Effect Phoebe Friesen
The Language of Medicine Abraham Fuks
Spirituality and Ethics in Medicine: A New Approach to Compassionate Care

A.M. Ghadirian

Health Law and Policy Katie Hammond
Ethics and Medical Research Jonathan Kimmelman
The ‘Crisis’ in Health Research, and its Implications for Research, Health Policy, and Clinical Practice Nicholas B. King
Cutting into the living body: the history of modern surgery Thomas Schlich
Indigenous Health Kent Saylor
Medicine, Sexuality, and Culture Andrea Tone
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Tuberculosis: Bodies, Spaces, Technologies Faith Wallis

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