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Racism and PT - Study Participation Recruitment!

If we can better understand subtle ways that racism may be woven into PT programs, we can take active steps as a profession to mitigate it. If you self-identify as an ethnic minority or non-White AND you are either a student in MScPT OR you graduated in the last 2 years from a Canadian MScPT program, please consider contacting the researchers here.

The effect of brain stimulation on your ability to learn
Looking for participants over 18 years who have had a stroke more than 6 months ago

Contact: mh.boudrias [at], please include tDCS study in subject line, or call 514 -398- 5457


Virtual Reality for Upper Limb Rehabilitation


Human Motor Control and Aging
Healthy participants between 60 and 75 years of age


Getting on with Your Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Recrutement de patients avec cervicalgies chroniques