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Poster information

Posters should be no more than 45" tall by 42" wide (or 114 cm tall by 106 cm wide).


Session I: Cortical and Spinal Mechanisms of Motor Control
Chairs: Scott T. Grafton, UC Santa Barbara; C. J. Heckman, Northwestern University

Session II: Variability and Redundancy in Motor Control
Chairs: Mark Latash, Penn State University & Tamar Flash, Weizmann Institute of Science 


Session III: Equilibrium-Point Control and Perception –Action Coupling
Chairs: Anatol G. Feldman, University of Montreal & Michael T. Turvey, University of Connecticut 

Session IV: Motor Control of Speech and Language
Chair: David Ostry, McGill University 


Session V: Motor Control and Recovery from Injury
Chairs: Mindy F. Levin, McGill University & John Rothwell, UCL Institute of Neurology, Queen Sq, London 

Session VI: Motor Control and the Performing Arts
Chairs: Robert Zatorre, McGill University & Roger Hobden, MD, Montreal 

Awards and Closing


Confirmed speakers:


  • Paul Cisek
  • Anatol G. Feldman
  • Tamar Flash
  • Scott T. Grafton
  • C.J. Heckman
  • Mark L. Latash
  • Mindy F. Levin
  • David J. Ostry
  • John Rothwell
  • Michael T. Turvey
  • Robert Zatorre