Edith Strauss Funded Projects


Title Project Leader PI Type of Funding Total Funding Year
Improving Ethics Education in Canadian Physiotherapy Programs: A Knowledge Exchange Project (abstract) A. Hudon B. Mazer PhD TBD 2013
Burn Survivor Rehabilitation: Practice Guidelines Development Training and Capacity Building Proposal (abstract) A. Chouinard B. Nedelec Clinician TBD 2013
Impact of Osteogenesis Imperfecta on Families: survey of parent experiences, challenges, and expectations N. Dahan & J. Dogba L. Snider PhD TBD 2013
Understanding Barriers and Facilitators to Early Mobilization of Patietns in the Intensive Care Units D. Anekwe A. Spahija PhD TBD 2013
Refining functional impairment criteria in individuals diagnosed with Mild Cognitive impairments (abstract) J. Kwok P. Belchior Clinician TBD 2013
A chronic low back pain patient toolkit to enhance patient self-management and healthcare communication and coordination (abstract) M. Lahaie S. Ahmed Clinician TBD 2013
Optimizing Primary Healthcare Service in Chronic Low Back Pain Management: Knowledge Translation Implementation (abstract) O. Eillayan S. Ahmed PhD TBD 2013
Determining the use of evidence-based practice in selecting intervention for children with cerebral palsy: Introducing CP-Engine (abstract) V. Darsaklis L. Snider Clinician TBD 2013
Best practice for sensory screening in older adults by occupational therapists: Where are we and where should we be? D. Mulrooney A. Thomas Clinician $10 963 2013
Maximizing stroke rehabilitation at the MUHC (abstract) T. Wein N. Bitensky Clinician TBD 2013
Perceived roles, experiences and impact of SAGEs (Specialists in the Application and Generalization of Expertise) as change agents in a rehabilitation center: a case study (abstract) D. Zidarov A. Bussieres Clinican $12 000 2013
Management of children with Cerebral Palsy – Has rehabilitation practice changed in the last 7 years? (abstract) E. Stevens N. Bitensky Clinician $12 000 2012
Mentorship in chronic pain: implementation and evaluation of a novel clinical knowledge transfer and exchange program (abstract) M. Ware S. Ahmed Clinician $10 195 2012
Développement d'outils de KT pour promouvoir l'utilisation de la danse comme modalité thérapeutique auprès des AVC en RFI (abstract)


P. McKinley MSc. $9000 2012
Implementation of an intergenerational inclusive wellness park to facilitate reintegration into leisure activities for clients in a rehabilitation hospital (abstract) F. Kaizer & A. Spiridigliozzi B. Mazer Clinician $12 002 2012
Teachers' perception of their own performance, satisfaction, and self-efficacy to support the self-regulation of their students: a pilot study (abstract) C. Hui L. Snider MSc. $10 000 2012
Are OTnationally fulfilling their role of problem identification, screening, assessing, referring drivers with potential cognitive impairment (abstract) F. Mendelsohn N. Bitensky Clinician $12 650 2012
An emerging role for OTs in the management of individuals with mild cognitive impairment: a preliminary study (abstract) M. Holmes P. Belchior Clinician $13 250 2012
Pilot project for the promotion of self-management of chronic mobility limitations among vulnerable seniors at the MUHC: training the new generation of Canadian PTs for this role (abstract) S. Figueiredo N. Mayo MSc. $11 650 2012
Does the current practice align with best practice for intensive hand function training in children with hemiplegia? A national environmental scan (abstract) S. Shikako-Thomas A. Majnemer PhD $12 924 2012
Ethics analysis of issues related to wait lists, prioritization, and treatment parameters in physical therapy: a knowledge translation project (abstract) M. Laliberte M. Hunt Clinician $15 000 2011
The use of dialogue to cultivate values-based rehabilitation practices in mental health institution (abstract) R. Schwartz M. Park Clinician $13 810 2011
Impact d’activités de partenariat recherche-clinique sur l’utilisation des resultants de la recherche dans un établissement de réadaptation (abstract) D. Zidarov A. Thomas Clinician $15 000 2011
Executive function assessment and intervention post-stroke: a learning tool for clinicians, patients and families (abstract) V. Poulin N. Bitensky PhD $15 000 2011
Program evaluation of a chronic pain program (abstract) L. Lamb S. Ahmed Clinician $14 732 2011
Canadian survey of mental health occupational therapists' assessment practices (abstract) S. Rouleau & K. Dion N. Bitensky Clinician $15 000 2011
Providing patients with chronic pain the necessary knowledge and self-management support: development of a patient health portal for chronic pain (abstract) L. Bouvrette LeBlanc S. Ahmed Clinician $14 999 2011
Low Back Pain algorithm development and implementation: proposal development M. Folkersma R. Preuss Clinician $1010 2011
Knowledge to action: development of a toolkit to facilitate use of health survey data by rehabilitation researchers (abstract) V. Tang N. Mayo MSc. $10 000 2011
Creation and testing of a measure addressing readiness to adhere to functional hand splint use in people with rheumatoid arthritis (abstract) M. Voznyak N. Bitensky MSc. $8950 2011
Improving health services delivery during transition to adulthood for youth with spina bifida and their families: an integrated KT project (abstract) J. Litowski L. Snider Clinician $13 960 2010
Knowledge of knee osteoarthritis (KOKO) study- a population based survey in Quebec: pilot phase (abstract) S. Prasanna N. Bitensky Msc. $8100 2010
Reviewing a chronic pain program in context of a tertiary care hospital: identifying gaps in patient care (abstract) M. Lopez-DeRivera S. Ahmed MSc. Clinician $11 660 2010
Evaluating the impacts of participation in integrated knowledge translation on the behavior and attitude of clinicians toward evidence-based practices (abstract) G. Cote-Leblanc R. Preuss Clinician $9800 2010
Getting on with your life with MS: a knowledge translation tool (abstract) S. Hum N. Mayo PhD $15 000 2010
Knowledge transfer for improving outcomes for older patients following a hip fracture: an environmental scan (abstract) M. Auais S. Ahmed PhD $14 600 2010
Local communities of practice in rehabilitation: bridgin the gap between research and clinical practice (abstract) D. Kairy J. Fung Clinician $10 000 2010
Cerebral palsy rehabilitation information for families: assessing the quality of the CP-Engine webiste (abstract) M. Cameus L. Snider MSc. $5000 2009
Increasing occupational therapists' use of best practices in the management of unilateral spatial neglect post-stroke (abstract) A. Petzold N. Bitensky MSc. $9090 2009
Implementation of the International Classification of Functioning (ICF) in an acute-care hospital setting to inform interdisciplinary assessment and resource allocation for high risk patients: a knowledge transfer activitiy (abstract) T. Abramovich N. Mayo Clinician $10 000 2009
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