Giovanni Arcuri

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Course Lecturer

Giovanni Arcuri
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3600 McTavish, Suite 5500

Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0G3

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giovanni.arcuri2 [at]
Course Lecturer; Associate Director of Hub Services, Student Wellness Hub - Student Services
Brown Building, 3600 McTavish, Suite 5500
  • BA (Psychology, Concordia University)
  • MSc (Occupational Therapy, McGill University)
Teaching areas: 
  • POTH 563 - Foundations of Professional Practice 
  • OCC1 623 - Assistive Technology 
  • OCC1 622 - Community-Based Occupational Therapy
Current research: 

Heath, N. L. (PI), Hamza, C. A. (Co-I), Rogers, M. (Co-I), Bloom, E. (Collab), Di Genova, L. (Collab), Romano, V. (Collab), & Arcuri, G. (Collab). (2022-2026). One size fits all? Examining mindfulness instruction accommodations for improved accessibility, response, and benefits for university students with self-injury or attention disorders. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Insight Grant. ($258,550)

Baghdadli A, Dumas G, Arcuri GG, Lacroix C, Jolicoeur G, Drolet R, Le Moignan J, Gagnon B. (2010 - 2022). Development of a new cognitive screening tool for patients with cancer: FaCE. Universite Laval. 

Areas of expertise: 
  • Healthcare systems
  • Stepped-Care
  • Implementation of evidence-based and evidence-informed best practices
  • Social Justice
  • Change management
  • Electronic medical records 
  • Clinical information systems 
  • Acute care 
  • Physical and mental health 
Selected publications: 

Arcuri G, Yuen S, Cornish P, Stewart D. (In Press, 2022) What are We Waiting for? Addressing Wait Times in Postsecondary Student Mental Health Care. Concurrent Disorders. (Book Chatper)

Yuen S, Di Genova L, Arcuri G, Romano V, Gupta R, Washbrun C, Clark J, Pilon. D. (2020) Transitioning to Remote Health and Wellness Services in Post-Secondary Settings. Best Practices in Canadian Higher Eduction.

Arcuri, G. G., McMullan, A. E., Murray, A. E., Silver, L. K., Bergthorson, M., Dahan‐Oliel, N., & Coutinho, F. (2016). Perceptions of family‐centred services in a paediatric rehabilitation programme: strengths and complexities from multiple stakeholders. Child: care, health and development, 42(2), 195-202.

Murray-Labriola, A., Arcuri, G., Silver, L., McMullan, A., Coutinho, F., & Dahan-Oliel, N. (2016) Pediatric family-centered services: How can we make it happen?.

Arcuri, G. G., Palladini, L., Dumas, G., Lemoignan, J., & Gagnon, B. (2015). Exploring the measurement properties of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in a population of people with cancer. Supportive Care in Cancer, 23(9), 2779-2787.

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