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Learn about the School of Physical & Occupational Therapy Graduate Student Association; activities, networking and more

The School of Physical and Occupational Therapy Graduate Student Association (SPOTGSA), which represents over 350 Professional Master’s students in physical and occupational therapy, serves as a liaison between the student body and the faculty. It aims to resolve students’ grievances and enrich their university experiences.

McGill Occupational Therapy M1 students

The student association’s council is made up of a group of volunteer students who have been elected by their peers to represent SPOT Professional Master’s students’ best interests. This includes organizing events, fundraising, offering networking and leadership opportunities, as well as advocating for all PT & OT students.

This past fall, M1 physical therapy student George Roumeliotis was elected as the president of the 2019-2020 SPOTGSA council. The council consists of 9 executive members and 8 cohort representatives.

“Our student body encompasses a diverse collection of cultural, religious, social, and academic groups,” affirms Roumeliotis. “Our goal is to support them by promoting inclusivity, health and wellness, and skills development. We want to provide students with an unforgettable experience during their time at McGill.”

Physiotherapy Students promoting World PT Day 2019 on McGill University Campus
Regular SPOTGSA initiatives include the Buddy System, the association’s mentoring program. There, Professional Master’s students are paired with final year undergraduate and Qualifying Year students to guide them until their first clinical placement begins.

Annual events include a Clinical Placement Q&A held for both OT and PT students. Master’s students share their experiences with clinical placements and answer questions from the undergraduate and Qualifying Year cohorts.

The council also aims to raise awareness of the physical and occupational therapy professions by hosting events on-campus such as World PT Day and World OT Day.

Occupational Therapy students promoting World OT Day 2019 on McGill Campus.
2019-2020 SPOTGSA Executive

  • President (president.spotgsa [at] (Email)) : George Roumeliotis, PT M1
  • VP Finance (finance.spotgsa [at] (Email)) : Lara Theberge, PT M1
  • VP Internal (internal.spotgsa [at] (Email)) : Chelsea Eng, PT QY
  • VP External (external.spotgsa [at] (Email)) : Jennifer Chan, PT QY
  • VP Academic PT (academic.spotgsa [at] (Email)) : Neel Chandarana, PT M1
  • VP Academic OT (academic.spotgsa [at] (Email)) : Laury-Anne Bolduc, OT M1
  • VP Communications (comm.spotgsa [at] (Email)) : Mathilde Lavoie, PT M1
  • VPs for Graduation grad.spotgsa [at] ((Email)): Laurence St-Pierre & Tayseer Vericain, OT M1


Visit the SPOTGSA website or SPOT GSA Facebook for a complete list of council members.


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