Name-Tag 2014

SPOT Director, Dr. Annette Majnemer

Dean Dr. David Eidelman

OT clinician Lily Shang Yuan Teng

PT clinician Maria Vocos

PT student Sophia-Maria Giannakakis

OT student Willy-Dac Gia-Hao Huynh

POTUS President Jean-Sebastien Otis-Carrasqueira

Tram Nguyen, winner of POTUS Student Life Award

Leading the "Pledge"

Reading the "Pledge"

Sorting the name-tags

Profs. Garnett and Storr

Dr. Nedelec and CAOT rep Martine Brousseau

Dr. Asseraf-Pasin and CPA rep Michael Brennan

M/C Prof. Sarah Marshall

Dr. Everitt honoured by OT students

Clinical education team and speakers

OT class

PT class