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Call for Faculty Project Submissions: McGill-UWI Queen Elizabeth Scholars Program 2021-2024

Climate Adaptation & Resilient Communities: Policy, Research and Practice

EXTENDED Submission deadline: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 | 23:59 (11:59 pm)


The McGill School of Population and Global Health (SPGH) is pleased to launch a new three-year research and student-training initiative in partnership with the University of the West Indies (UWI) titled Climate Adaptation & Resilient Communities: Policy, Research and Practice.

The McGill-UWI Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program 2021-2024 builds on over 30 years of close inter-university collaborations between McGill University and UWI to implement a scholarship program focused on a critical current challenge to Canada, the Caribbean region and globally. This training and research exchange program builds on the important role that youth have been playing in climate action globally by linking cross-disciplinary research with practice between Canada and the Caribbean region around the theme of climate change adaptation and resilient communities. This will be done through active partnerships with a diverse group of faculty at McGill and UWI and key local partner organizations.

Call for Submissions:

Over the next three years (2022, 2023 and 2024), 6-7 graduate-level students enrolled at UWI will travel to McGill each year between the months of July to September to work on research projects supervised by McGill faculty members from any department. Research internships are 90 days in length and UWI students will be registered at McGill as Graduate Research Trainees. Students will receive an award of up to $7,000 and receive credit from UWI for their internship. A cohort of 6-7 McGill students per year will undertake 90-day research and practice-based internships between May 1st and August 30th, with academic and community partners in Barbados and Trinidad. All students will participate in leadership-focused training and community engagement activities.

The current call for project submissions is open to McGill faculty members who are interested in supervising a graduate student intern from UWI for a three-month period (July-Sept 2022) to work on a research initiative related to climate change adaptation and resilient communities. Student projects can be integrated within ongoing research or represent a new initiative. A faculty supervisor (or co-supervisors) will provide mentorship and support to the student throughout the three-month internship. The supervisor(s), or a proxy if the supervisor is traveling, must be available from July 1-Sept 30. UWI student applicants will apply to participate in internships tied to specific projects. Qualified applicants will be evaluated by faculty supervisors and assigned to a project based on the alignment of demonstrated skills, experience and interests. Supervisors can also participate in and contribute to learning exchange activities and scientific outputs with faculty colleagues and QES scholars at McGill and UWI.

Project Eligibility:

  • The project must address a critical climate change adaptation and resilient communities challenge or priority.
  • The project must be led by a McGill faculty member.
  • The project must accommodate student intern participation between July 1, 2021 – September 30, 2021 (these dates are fixed).

Priority Research Themes for 2022 Projects:

Priority will be given to projects that intersect with at least one of the following research themes:

  • Green Campus & Climate Action
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Living: Policy and Practice
  • Disaster Risk Management and Resilience
  • Climate Change Effects on Coastal Communities
  • Health and Psychosocial Practices for Building Resilience
  • Food Security
  • Migration and Displacement
  • Methods for Engaging Communities in Climate Research and Action

Projects on other topics related to community-level climate resilience will also be considered.

Submission Information:

  • All applications must be submitted through the QES Scholarship project submission portal below.
  • Information on the QES Scholars Program and program requirements can be found on the SPGH website.
  • Please direct all inquiries to Christine DeSantis, Student Affairs Administrator, at studentaffairsghp.med [at] mcgill.ca.
  • Applicants will be notified of the results of their project submission by November 25th, 2021.

Application Form

The deadline to submit applications was extended to November 16, 2021. We thank all McGill Faculty members who submitted project proposals.

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