Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives


Our vision is that the School is an interdisciplinary institution that fosters high-impact research and education relevant to public, population and global health interventions. We have strong partnerships with communities, public global health (PGH) organizations, governments and NGOs that will continually be developed. We are committed to improving the health and well-being of populations locally and worldwide.


The mission of the McGill SPGH is to train public and population health researchers, practitioners and decision makers, conduct high impact research and engage in knowledge translation and exchange with the ultimate goal of improving the health of populations and reducing health inequities in Quebec, Canada and worldwide.


The SPGH values the highest standards of scientific rigour and excellence, integrity and ethical conduct in all its research, education and service activities. The SPGH values equity and social justice. The School values fairness, transparency and accountability in its governance and management. Lastly, it values and respect ongoing engagement with communities, organizations and individuals.


The SPGH’s objectives are to:

  1. Train leaders in public, population and global health research, policy and practice.
  2. Generate cutting-edge, high-impact knowledge through interdisciplinary research and scholarly activities.
  3. Develop innovative methods and tools to enhance the use of knowledge to improve the health of populations.
  4. Partner with communities and population and global health organizations to support the implementation of effective interventions to improve the health of populations and reduce health inequities locally and globally.


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