Current MA Students

Name: Dina Alsaffar
Email Address: dina.alsaffar [at] (Dina Alsaffar)
Program: MA
Dina Alsaffar
Name: Claire Corsten
Email Address: claire.corsten [at] (Claire Corsten)
Program: MA
Name: Alicia Davison
Email Address: alicia.davison [at] (Alicia Davison)
Program: MA Population Dynamics
Alicia Davison
Name: Angeline Feyt
Email: angeline.feyt [at] (Angeline Feyt)
Program: MA Population Dynamics
Angela Feyt
Name: Isabelle Flory
Email: isabelle.flory [at] (Isabelle Flory)
Program: MA
Isabelle Flory
Name: Gabriela Gasparini
Email: gabriela.gasparini [at] (Gabriela Gasparini)
Program: MA - Gender and Women’s Studies option
Name: Sydney Gelfand
Email: isabelle.flory [at] (S)sydney.gelfand [at] (ydney Gelfand)
Program: MA
Name: Yuzhu Hou
Email: yu.z.hou [at] (Yuzhu Hou)
Program: MA
Name: Eilidh Jurus
Email: eilidh.jurus [at] (Eilidh Jurus)
Program: MA
Name: Gabrielle Juteau
Email Address: gabrielle.juteau [at] (Gabrielle Juteau)
Program: MA - Population Dynamics Option
Gabrielle Juteau
Name: Paige LaPierre
Email Address: paige.lapierre [at] (Paige LaPierre)
Program: MA - Development Option
Paige LaPierre
Name: Erin Lynn
Email Address: erin.lynn [at] (Erin Lynn)
Program: MA - Development Option
Name: Luka Malesevic
Email Address: luka.malesevic [at] (Luka Malesevic)
Program: MA (Sociology – Population Dynamics)
Name: Fabio Robibaro
Email: fabio.robibaro [at] (Fabio Robibaro)
Program: MA
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