Qualifying Year for direct entry into the MSW Non-Thesis Program

The Qualifying Year prepares students who have an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than social work for entry into the MSW Non-Thesis Program. 

  • The Qualifying Year is comprised of 2 full terms of full-time study. Each term is 15 credits (12 credits of coursework & 3 credits of concurrent field placement).  
  • All coursework must be completed at the McGill University downtown campus. Qualifying Year courses are not offered via distance or online education.
  • Students complete their field placement at one agency over the two terms of study (September-April). Students are expected to be functional in French (comprehension, spoken, and written) for the field placement component of the program.
  • For students with little if any French capacity, a concurrent field placement is not possible. As an exception, the School of Social Work will secure a spring/summer block field placement out of province wherein French capacity is not expected. This study plan entails completing two terms of coursework two days of the week (12 hours per week of classes spanning 2 days from September to April) and a five day/week of field placement starting the first week in May and ending the third week in August. By completing a block placement in the spring/summer term, there may be implications for student aid and summer employment options. 
  • Candidates who secure a B+ average and successfully pass field work in both terms apply and are recommended for admission to the MSW Non-Thesis Program.  


The Qualifying Year is a non-degree granting program. Completion of the Qualifying Year alone does not meet academic requirements for joining the professional social work order of Quebec (OTSTCFQ)Students are not eligible for external fellowships or staff dependent tuition waivers while completing the Qualifying Year courses and field placement.