Course Lecturers 2017-18

The McGill School of Social Work is honoured to have many community, graduate,

and clinical lecturers in our academic programs. 


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Batac, Monica







annabelle.berthiaume [at] (Berthiaume, Annabelle)



Annabellle Berthiaume is a doctoral candidate at McGill University, School of Social Work. Her doctoral project focuses on the shift of responsibility towards communities and mothers in anti-poverty, social investment interventions for children. Her research interests include redesigning of welfare state, anti-poverty interventions, community organizing, local cross-sectoral collaborations and partnerships. Annabelle has been involved as a research assistant in projects across different topics, including Montreal's condo market, preoccupations of the nonprofit sector towards funding issues and philanthropy’s relations with grantees. Currently, she is collaborating with an interuniversity and interdisciplinary research center, the Montreal Research Laboratory on Canadian Philanthropy. She is also very engaged in different community projects, including a coalition of community organizations, women's groups and unions representatives preoccupied by recent changes in funding practices.




Berry, Michael






dj [at] (Johnson, Darrell)






Demaine, Mark






hasgold [at] (Goldman, Richard)

Rick Goldman is Coordinator of the Committee to Aid Refugees (CAR), a church-based non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of refugee claimants. He is also supervising lawyer at the Just Solutions Clinic of the Montreal City Mission, and Refugee Protection Coordinator of the Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes (TCRI), the 140-member coalition of groups serving refugees and immigrants in Québec. Mr. Goldman is a three-time graduate of McGill University, having received a B.A. in Economics as well as degrees in Civil Law and Common Law. He began his legal career at Québec Legal Aid, and then worked briefly in private practice before embarking upon a career in the community sector. Mr. Goldman was staff lawyer at Project Genesis for 12 years, concentrating mainly on welfare and housing issues, before moving to CAR in 2003. At CAR, Mr. Goldman has been active in many public campaigns for reform and improvement of laws and policies affecting refugees and immigrants in Canada, often working in close collaboration with the Canadian Council for Refugees. He has also provided presentations and training sessions to community groups, health and social service agencies, associations of lawyers and judges, parliamentary committees and United Nations agencies.


Rick has been awarded the Medaille St. Yves, from Pro Bono Quebec and the Obiter Dictum award (for the advancement of immigration and refugee law) from the Association of Québec Immigration Lawyers (AQAADI). In 2014 Rick was awarded an Honourary Doctorate from the United Theological College of Montreal, thus finally realizing his late mother's dream of Rick becoming a doctor.


mohammad.khan [at] (Khan, Mohammad N.)



Mohammad N. Khan is a doctoral student at the School of Social Work, McGill University, and the research coordinator for Social Development Research Group (SDRG) at the Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF). His teaching interests include research methods, social policy, and community practice. His research interests are poverty and social development broadly, and financial capability, family economic stress, and asset-based interventions specifically. Mohammad holds an MSW from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA, an MBA in banking and an MSS in social welfare from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He worked for eight years in the field of small and medium enterprise (SME) finances in Bangladesh. Currently, he is studying financial capability of Canadian low-income families.




susan.mintzber [at] (Susan Mintzberg)



Susan is a doctoral candidate at McGill University whose work explores the roles of families in psychiatry. She is particularly interested in the relationship between family members and psychiatric professionals and how collaboration occurs between these two groups.

Susan completed her MSW at McGill and specialized in family therapy. Her final Master's project (ISP) explored the role of grief and unrecognized loss faced by the families of people suffering from mental illness.

Prior to returning to graduate school, Susan worked for many years in community mental health doing counseling, crisis intervention and psychoeducation with families who were coping with mental illness. She worked at organizations such as AMI-Québec and TRACOM. Her clinical work has always taken a systemic perspective, focusing on both the individual and the family dynamics. Susan's first career was as a photojournalist, telling people's stories using her camera and words. Through her research she now hopes to continue telling the important stories of families. As an educator, Susan strives to share her experience with students and aims for a classroom open to dialogue and collaborative learning.


nona.moscovitz.cvd [at] (Moscovitz, Nona)


Nona Moscovitz, a graduate from McGill University with a Masters in Social Work (1997), has over 24 years of experience working with a diverse clientele and over the past 15 years in the realm of mental health. She has an extensive background and expertise in program development and management, years of clinical staff and student supervision and an ongoing commitment to the field of education. She is presently Program Manager for Mental Health and Addictions at the CSSS Cavendish (Centre de santé et services sociaux de René-Cassin et Notre-Dame-de-Grace/ Montréal Ouest) and is also responsible for the Mental Health and Aging cutting-edge services, which includes direct services, research, training and the transfer of knowledge. Nona is presently a Member of the Seniors` Advisory Committee the Canadian Mental Health Commission of Canada. She has had several publications, been involved in numerous national research projects and presented at many conferences and workshops across Canada.



wayne_quartz [at] (Quartz, Wayne)





catherine.roy [at] (Roy, Catherine)


Catherine Roy holds a Ph.D. in social work since 2003. She joined the Centre for Research on Children and Families in June 2014 as Associate Director. Previously, Catherine had already collaborated with CRCF working on the evidence-based management project (EBM). Be it as consultant or scientific professional, Catherine has gained valuable experience in the field of youth protection. She has led many program evaluation projects and has also contributed to developing and supporting systematic reviews and evidence-based assessments in the field of social sciences while working at Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux and at Centre jeunesse de Montréal-Institut universitaire. During her master and doctoral studies, Catherine’s research interests focused on teenage pregnancy, more specifically on the links between young mothers’ parenting behviors and children cognitive and motor development. She now aims to pursue the study of these themes while also developing knowledge and understanding around the notion of resiliency.




william.ryan [at] (Ryan, Bill)


With a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Theology, a Master's degree in Adult Education and a Master's degree in Social Work, Bill Ryan is a social worker and adult educator who has been involved in sexual education and prevention related work since 1985 when he founded the first support group for Persons with HIV in the Atlantic Provinces. From there he moved to Montreal to direct support services at Comité sida aide Montreal. Since then he has worked locally, provincially, nationally and internationally on issues related to sex education, prevention, care and policy development. He has worked with or been a consultant to the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Health Canada, the International Federation of Social Workers, UN AIDS, Christian Children's Fund (in Geneva, Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus)), UNICEF and to the Canadian AIDS Society. In 2004, he became a consultant to the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth of the Government of Romania, aiding in the implementation of sexual education in the school curriculum there.




Sinai-Glazer, Hagit










Shaer, Nuha






corrie.sirota13 [at] (Sirota-Frankel, Corrie)


Corrie Sirota holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from McGill University as well as a Graduate Certificate in Loss and Bereavement where she continues to teach as a sessional lecturer in the School of Social Work for over 20 years.  As a licensed psychotherapist, Corrie maintains a private practice specializing in Loss and Bereavement, Parenting, Stress management, and Relationship issues. She is a seasoned support group facilitator – currently animating groups for Post-partum support, Miscarriage and Perinatal Loss, Widow support as well as Caregiver’s support groups.

Corrie is also a well-known guest speaker, having presented at numerous conferences and workshops, both locally and internationally and continues to develop and facilitate psycho-social prevention and intervention workshops for school professionals, students, camping staff, various community agencies, organizations and businesses.

She has authored her first book entitled, “Someone Died…Now What – A personal and professional perspective on coping with grief and loss” available on Amazon. She has also written the article ‘Helping Children through the Grieving Process’ appearing in the Jewish Funeral Directors magazine as well as Living Legacies Volume III, and has written numerous other articles and blogs posts for ME Magazine, Cappino Physio and Wellness Centre, and Risk within Reason.



southall.kenneth [at] (Susset, Francoise)



Dr. Françoise Susset is a clinical psychologist, a couple and family therapist, a trainer and a clinical supervisor. Her principal areas of interest are working with trauma survivors and sexual minority issues. She is co-founder of The Institute for Sexual Minority Health and past president of the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH). Françoise works from a minority stress model acknowledging the impact of discrimination on people’s mental health and development. Currently she works mostly with same-sex and trans couples, and families with trans adults and teens. In addition she focuses on the question of gender variant expression in prepubescent children, helping families and schools challenge notions regarding sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. She works closely with several community organizations to improve access and quality care for individuals belonging to sexual and gender minority groups in Quebec. Françoise has provided expert testimony during several Quebec parliamentary hearings focusing on LGBT rights. She was recognized by the Quebec Trans Association (ATQ) in 2010 for her service and support to the trans community. In 2016 she was awarded the medal of the Quebec National Assembly presented by the MNA, Manon Massé in recognition of her contribution to the advancement of transgender rights in Quebec.





Zhou, Biru