Myra Piat, Assistant Professor

Myra PiatAs well as having earned a doctorate in social work from the Université Laval in 1997, Myra Piat has over 20 years of experience in social services in the public and community sectors, both as a practitioner and as an administrator. The research of Myra Piat, PhD, aims on two major areas: housing for persons with serious mental illness & recovery from serious mental illness.

Myyra Piat, PhD, has been working with the Psychosocial Research Division of the Douglas Institute since 1997. Her work focuses on the interface between:

  • mental health services (housing, peer support, recovery)
  • mental health policy
  • and the perspectives of the key stakeholders.

Most recently she has been working on knowledge translation processes involving clinicians, community mental health service providers at local Community Health and Social Service Centres (CSSS).

As Assistant Professor at McGill Department of Psychiatry, she teaches a course on mental health services and policy. She also has a cross appointment in the McGill School of Social Work.

Areas of expertise

Mental health, housing for persons with psychiatric disabilities, mental health recovery, knowledge translation, peer support, qualitative research, participatory action research, users’ perspective and evaluation of services.


  1. For the past three years, she has co-led the Qualitative National Team of the At Home/Chez Soi project. This is a Canada-wide randomized controlled trial comparing the Housing First approach with treatments usually given to homeless individuals with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.
  2. She is developing and evaluating a user-friendly tool kit on Housing First to facilitate knowledge transfer with Canadian and international stakeholders.
  3. She is developing and implementing a province-wide knowledge translation program on Eating Disorders for primary care service providers in local CSSSs.
  4. She is participating in a knowledge translation project on mental health recovery and the development of a community of practice on recovery in Quebec and in Canada.
  5. She is evaluating a community peer support program.
  6. She is contributing to a Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) study on how social businesses influence the stigma of mental illness.
  7. She is developing participatory research in Belize on the implementation of recovery-oriented and peer support services.

Myra Piat’s research program aims at furthering our knowledge on the development of best practices around mental health recovery, housing, homelessness for people with psychiatric disabilities and knowledge translation.


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