Myriam Denov, Professor & Canada Research Chair

Dr. Myriam Denov is a Full Professor at McGill University and holds the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Youth, Gender and Armed Conflict. Her research interests lie in the areas of children and families affected by war, migration, and its intergenerational impact. A specialist in participatory research, she has worked with war-affected children and families in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Dr. Denov has presented expert evidence in court on child soldiers and has advised government and nongovernmental organizations on children in armed conflict and girls in armed groups. She has authored and co-authored seven books addressing the impact of war on children including Child Soldiers: Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (Cambridge University Press) and Children Affected by Armed Conflict: Theory, Method & Practice (Columbia University Press). Her current research is exploring the intergenerational effects of wartime sexual violence and children born of wartime rape in northern Uganda, Rwanda and Cambodia. Dr. Denov is a Trudeau Fellow, and was recently was inducted into the College of the Royal Society of Canada. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where she was a Commonwealth Scholar.

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Areas of interest:

  • War and political violence
  • Children in armed conflict
  • Children born of war
  • Post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding
  • War-induced migration and resettlement
  • Gender-based violence
  • International social work
  • Participatory research methods
  • Arts-based research methods

Recent grants

FRQSC Soutien aux Equipes de Recherche, 2016-2020 -$313, 820

Children and Families Affected By War: A Tri-Pillared Approach, Principal Investigator: Myriam Denov

SSHRC Insight Grant (2015-2020) - $340,000

Born of War: The Perspectives, Rights and Needs of Children Born of Wartime Sexual Violence Principal Investigator: Myriam Denov Co-Applicants: Sara Kahn, René Provost Collaborators: L. Eramian, A. Lakor, J. Mwiliriza, P. Panhavichetr

Trudeau Fellowship ( 2014-2018)-  $225,000

Born of War: The Rights and Citizenship of Children Born of Wartime Rape Principal Investigator: Myriam Denov

McGill Internal Research Fund, 2013-2018 - $20,000

Born of War: The Rights and Citizenship of Children Born of Wartime Rape,  Principal Investigator: Myriam Denov

SSHRC/IDRC Partnership Grant, (2014-2020) - $2,500,000

Networks for change and well-being: Girl-led ‘from the ground up’ policy-making addressing sexual violence Principal Investigators: Claudia Mitchell, Relebohile Moletsane Co-Applicants: Saman Ahsan, Naydene De Lange, Myriam Denov, Steven Jordan, Linda Liebenberg, Ann Macaulay, Carrie Rentschler, Eun Park, Shaheen Shariff.

Fonds de Recherche du Québec sur la Société et la Culture, Soutien aux Équipes de Recherche (Emerging Team Grant) (2012-2014)  -  $56,320

Research Group on Children and Global Adversity: A Rights-Based Approach.  Principal Investigator: Myriam Denov; Co-Applicants: Jazwant Guzder, Claudia Mitchell, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen; Collaborators: Cécile Rousseau, Michael Ungar, Lucie Nadeau, Sarah Fraser, Sharon Bond, Nicole Ives, Violaine Lemay, Warren Linds, Marc-André Éthier, Miranda D’Amico, Monica Ruiz Casares

For a complete list of research grants, see Professor Denov's CV.



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For a complete list of Publications, see Professor Denov's CV.


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For a complete list, see Professor Denov's CV.