Jaswant Guzder - Associate Member

Dr. Jaswant Guzder is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. She is head of Child Psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital, where she is also director of Child Day Treatment. Dr. Guzder specializes in multicultural child and family therapy, and has published widely on issues related to addressing the mental health of refugee and immigrant populations, and cultural considerations in child and adolescent psychiatry. As a clinician and researcher, Dr. Guzder’s work and publications have focused on culturally competent practice with immigrant and refugee children and families, treating psychological trauma across cultures, and the training of clinicians in cultural psychiatry. Dr. Guzder is the current Québec Representative of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Guzder is also a co-investigator with Dr. Myriam Denov on a team grant application that was recently submitted to FQRSC in the Soutien aux Équipes de Recherche program. The grant is entitled: Children and Global Adversity: A Rights-Based Approach. The grant focuses on the complex realities of war and disaster-affected children living in Québec. For this grant, the multidisciplinary team will collectively tackle the theoretical, methodological and service provision considerations pertinent for war and disaster-affected children and in particular, the implications for Québec policy and practice. Drawing on the talents of 15 of Québec’s top researchers, including Dr. Guzder, this research infrastructure will advance and cement Québec’s leadership role in the realm of children and global adversity, paving the way for innovative research, policy and clinical practice.


To view Dr. Guzder's work on "The Dream-A-World Cultural Therapy intervention for promoting resilience in High Risk Primary School Children in Jamaica" click here

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